Cohen Braithwaite -Kilcoyne

Saturday 21st October

£21/£17 Conc.


Home - Theatre 1

Seated venue (reserved)


With - Kathryn Tickell & David Almond with Amy Thatcher

+ Young Waters

A spine-tingling traditional folk performer, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne’s rich voice soars through a range of historical ballads, industrial songs and shanties.


His main passion is for songs and tunes rooted in the English tradition, with a particular interest in material from the West Midlands where he has lived for much of his life. 

Cohen has been a musician since the age of 6, took to squeezeboxes in his teens and is now a fine player of both the melodeon and anglo concertina. In 2014 he 2014 won Bromyard Folk Festival's Future of Young Folk Award for singing.


When not busy making his name as a solo artist, he’s also known for his work with BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominees

Granny’s Attic.


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