The magpie arc

 friday 16th october, 7.30pm



£20 (+ booking fee)

The Magpie Arc is a cross-Border band out of Sheffield and Edinburgh featuring the multi award-winning talents and wide musical influences of Nancy Kerr, Martin Simpson, Adam Holmes, Tom A Wright (The Albion Band and Ashley Hutchings Morris-On Show) and Alex Hunter (Adam Holmes and The Embers). Formed out of an idea to bring together a group of musicians and friends who would mix and match their influences, songwriting styles and musicianship in an electric band setting, and give a passing nod to the golden age of 60’s and 70’s British folk/rock, the musical possibilities of The Magpie Arc being something special and unique in today’s folk scene became obvious very quickly. And “a band” it is! It’s not a project, there’s not a theme and there’s not a commission. It’s five musicians in a room making an enthusiastic noise. Often quite loudly! There will be lots of new songs    and  also be some great, unusual and thought provoking covers, plus reworked traditional songs. There will be folk, and it will definitely rock. A bit of country, there may even be some blues.  Whatever happens, it is already proving to be a musical mix of everything you could expect from such a line-up, with great songs, lush harmonies and intricate electric guitars to gorgeous fiddle lines and rock solid bass and drums. So what sort of live show can you expect? Well, with a line-up like this, it will certainly be a full “Evening with The Magpie Arc”. Variety will be the key, with some solo, duo and/or trio performances before the full band electric set. The Magpie has taken flight......

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