Thursday 18 October, 7pm 


£16 (+ booking fee)


With - Tunng + Bird in the Belly

Duotone is multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Barney Morse-Brown. Performing live, he loops a plethora of instruments to create an epic orchestral sound. 


His music is inspired by life, death and art. Whilst his first three albums, Work Harder, One Day You’ll Find Her (2009, GBM), the critically-acclaimed Ropes (2011, ECC records) and Let’s Get Low (2015, GMB), saw Duotone navigating his way through personal loss, the forthcoming fourth album , A Life Reappearing, is inspired by a book of paintings by Victoria Crowe.


The book charts the remarkable life of Scottish shepherd Jenny Armstrong and Duotone’s visceral response to Crowe’s art gave him the spark to create; the unexpected parallels between his and Jenny’s lives, and his reflections upon them, a wealth of material.


The outcome is eight exquisitely-crafted new songs which muse upon the cycle of life and our journey from the dark to the light.


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