False Lights

Saturday 21st October



Home - Theatre 2

Standing venue


With - Kings of the South Seas

 An explosion of loud, electric, folk-rock, False Lights is a collaboration between multi-award winning singers and guitarists Jim Moray and Sam Carter.  This is a gleefully raucous guitar band that plays traditional songs and tunes, formed in the spirit of the genre’s late-‘60s originators but informed by the music of Sam and Jim’s far more recent youth.


Fans of Sam and Jim’s often sombre solo work might be surprised by their stated intention to make False Lights a joyful spectacle. But that’s immediately evident when they perform. This is a turn-it-up-to-eleven-and-throw-yourself-about-your-dad’s-garage kind of group. Folk songs you can jump to.


The six-piece band boasts not only Carter and Moray on vocals and guitars but also Tom Moore on fiddle, Archie Churchill Moss on  melodeon (also known for their band  Moore Moss Rutter)  Barnaby  Stradling on bass (also known for playing  with Eliza Carthy and Blowzabella) and Stuart  Provan on drums (also known for playing with Luke Sital Singh). It’s a dream list of musicians, making a fantastic racket.


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