Galleon Blast

Thursday 19th October



Home - Theatre 2

Seated venue (unreserved)



with - vishten

With a selection of rum-soaked songs and shanties, Galleon Blast whip up a squally strumming  storm. Galleon Blast feature banjos, whistles, accordions and fiddles from members of

The Family Mahone, Full House and Mark Radcliffe and Foes, including the pirate DJ himself Mr.Radcliffe – the  Jack Sparrow of the Radio 2 Folk Show. Actually, make that the Jack Duckworth of the Radio 2 Folk  Show…

Delivering traditional tunes and many a seafaring classic from The Dubliners, The Waterboys, The  Pogues, Thin Lizzy, The Fisherman’s Friends and Ewan MacColl; this is a full-on

broadside of  buccaneering beat.

In concert with


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