georgia lewis

Thursday 19th October





With - John Smith

& Nina Harries

Hailed as the best voice to emerge from the English folk scene in recent years, Georgia Lewis embodies a glorious cocktail of modern folk influences. With stories of love and loss, conflict, betrayal, she seeks the timeless themes in old words.


A folk singer and accordionist from Wiltshire, Georgia studied Professional Musicianship at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, where she explored a broad range of musical styles, eventually meeting and touring with prog-rock band Maschine, and, inspired by singer Sheila Chandra, she travelled to India to study singing at the Arambol Music Academy. 


Although an artist in her own right she is also part of the Causeway Céilí Band and is an experienced session player. She sings and plays whistles, accordion, piano, guitar and performs various traditional dancing styles. 

Much of her material is traditional; in her début album, The Bird Who Sings Freedom, Georgia explores ballads of childhood, courtship, marriage and motherhood. Well-worn traditional songs sit alongside two originals: an AE Housman poem and, opening the album, a setting of the words of Maya Angelou.

In concert with

"What can I say – this young woman is stunning. We willingly sat enraptured as one of our favourite bands played elsewhere."
-  Barrie Dimond (Village Pump Folk Festival 2015 Review)


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