Manchester Folk Festival and One Festival of Homeless Arts Presents...

Ben Greenland, Paula Wichall,

Thomas Pliszka, and Liam Jordan



Image credit: Joyce Nicholls



 Saturday 19 October, 1.30pm 


Comedy Store Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St West, Manchester, M1 5LH 

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Manchester Folk Festival and the One Festival of Homeless Arts presents a special concert of four emerging artists who have experienced homelessness and are now pursuing careers in music. 


Selected from a competitive application process, the four artists will take part in a programme of three days of activity culminating in this performance, in collaboration with our partner English Folk Expo. The artists will be developing their skills and networks as part of the music industry.


We hope that you will join us to share their amazing music.

Ben Greenland

As soon as he could from words, Ben Greenland has sung songs. A life of adventure followed a decision to say yes to nearly everything. Where music has been the exploration, folk music has always been the home. A desire to communicate from the heart, a love of the land, the people on it and exploration of other spaces inspire his songs. Discovering the history of the human experience through song, spurs on a curiosity to dig deeper in the park and to bring old songs to the now. 


Paula Wichall

Paula Wichall is a singer songwriter on the London acoustic scene, performing at Stop the War gigs from 2006-8 and more recently Conway Hall and folk venue Cecil Sharp House.

Thomas Pliszka

London based singer songwriter Thomas Pliszka has loved writing and performing music since he was first inspired to sing at school. Motivated by seeing Eric Clapton performing live in Hyde Park in 1996, he took up the guitar and hasn't looked back. Thomas's voice is clear and powerful, he accompanies his singing with guitar and piano.

Liam Jordan

Fusing folk, country, gospel, and rock, Liam Jordan forges strong subject matter with powerful and emotive production, nodding a respectful head to the likes of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Jason Isbell.


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