Theatre Ballads

Horse & Bamboo Theatre Co.

Friday 20th October



Home - Theatre 2

Seated Venue (reserved) 


with - Grace Petrie

The ballad is a story - a story in song. 


Horse + Bamboo depict songs of a great fight, a broken contract and a female smuggler. Each is a historic ballad arranged and performed live alongside puppetry and simple illustrations, drawing out the tales before your eyes. 


Featuring a phenomenal line-up of folk musicians: Kate Locksley (voice and narrative presentation), Bryony Griffith (fiddle, viola, voice and piano), Ewan McLennan (guitar and voice) and John Kirkpatrick (melodeon, accordion and voice). 


A combination of live music, puppetry and projection, this captivating show will be somewhere between an evening at the theatre and a music gig.


Jointly commissioned by EFDSS, The Met in Bury and Colston Hall in Bristol and funded by PRS for Music Foundation

in concert with

Manchester Folk Festival is Produced In association with

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