Kings of the South Seas

Saturday 21st October



Home - Theatre 2

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With - False Lights

 Sea shanties and sailors' ballads are given a makeover in this boundary-crossing project inspired by the epic whaling expeditions to the South Pacific in the early 19th century. 


Kings of the South Seas is made up of three acclaimed artists - Ben Nicholls, Richard Warren and Evan Jenkins.  


Tunes both wistful and rousing, rich vocals and beautifully spare instrumentation create a refreshingly modern setting for a revival of antique songs.

King of the South Seas first album powered through seas shanties of men who were not fishing, but whaling: an enormous sound inspired by desperate and desolate adventures.


They visit Manchester to preview their new album, Franklin which follows the disappearance of Captain John Franklin’s arctic expedition in the 19th century. The fruitless search and speculation gripped a Victorian society and left a wealth of musical, theatrical and literary material in its wake.

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“Uproariously rousing and darkly disturbing” - The Guardian


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