Maz O'Connor

 Friday 18 October, 7pm 



£16 (+ booking fee)

With John Bramwell + Ross & Ali

Maz O’Connor grew up in the wild Lake District of the Romantic Poets, studied literature at Cambridge and is now settled in East London. Her roots are in Ireland, where her grandparents hail from, and all of these diverse influences work together to make her songwriting something unique. Her exceptional voice provides the perfect vehicle for her powerful songs.


Strong storytelling and feminist themes are a constant in her work: from the song ‘Derby Day’, which she was commissioned to write about Emily Wilding Davison to the feminist re-telling of the creation myth ‘Mississippi Woman’ .


Her new album ‘Chosen Daughter’ is influenced by her recent discovery that both of her biological grandmothers were Irish immigrants who had suffered due to their gender and their poverty. She felt a real need to tell their stories, and so emerged a collection of darker story songs - a bigger, more concentrated feminist statement. It is not protest music, but a very personal album which explores, and celebrates, the feminine.

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"There is an inquiring intelligence as well as an emotional sensibility at work here… she plays and sings beautifully" - Songlines


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