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 Friday 19 October, 8pm 

HOMe, Theatre 2

£16 (+booking fee)


With - 9Bach

Spiro are a unique Bristol-based acoustic four-piece band who combine the multi-layered complexity of classical music with the melodic strength of traditional folk tunes and the simplicity and groove of modern loop-based music.


Their approach to composition and performance unlocks an extraordinary emotional response, both on record and in live performance. Proof of Spiro’s success lies in audience reaction in different cultures across the world; wherever they play, people describe similar emotional experiences, despite hearing the music in uniquely personal ways.


It was their shared love of traditional tunes that brought them together in the ‘90’s at an acoustic folk session in a Bristol pub. Sourcing tunes that might be 500 years old, Spiro weave these melodies into the compelling new sound-world of the band’s systems-inspired arrangements. Unfettered in their thinking about what’s possible, Spiro rise to the demands of the music. Riffs and tunes explode into life, tussle, win and lose, decay and re-emerge.




In concert with

9Bach band

“It’s all breathless stuff, genuinely unlike anything else, and exciting, rewarding and gorgeous in equal measure”

- fRoots

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