13th - 15th Oct 2022

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Banter 23/10/21 @ 7pm - HOME

Sat 23rd October 2021, £15.40
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HOME, Theatre 2
2 Tony Wilson Place,
M15 4FN
0161 200 1500


Banter are: Simon Care on melodeon, Nina Zella on keyboards and vocals and Tim Walker on drums, percussion, and brass. They are rooted in English traditional music but incorporate influences of pop, jazz, soul and big band sounds.
Although just three people, they create a huge sound and have been described as the world’s smallest big band.

Their new album “THREE” sees them exploring traditional song, whilst maintaining that quirky Banter twist.

What people say bout Banter:

“Featuring percussion, trumpet, Melodeon and keyboards. Banter are an infectious, genre hopping trio mixing Morris tunes, soulful vocals and raucous chorus songs into a concert to ceilidh headliner”
Steve Knightley – Show of Hands

“Funky brass, unexpected jazz chords, thought provoking songs”
Jude Abbott (Chumbawamba)

“This album is brilliant. So good to hear this trio continue to evolve, still a top-notch ceilidh band but now a serious contender as a concert band. The arrangements have become more sophisticated, the playing tighter and the result is that if you didn’t know it was a trio, you wouldn’t believe it. The sound is greater than the sum of its parts.
Beautifully produced, played, recorded and mixed. A game changer.”
Saul Rose (Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band)

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