Dalinda (support for Spiers & Boden) 21/10/21 @ 7pm - HOME

Thu 21st October 2021, £22
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Dalinda perform as support for Spiers & Boden
2 Tony Wilson Place,
M15 4FN
0161 200 1500


With the idea of transforming the traditional, authentic and unison Hungarian folk songs into modern, polyphonic compositions Dalinda is unique on the stage of Hungarian folk acapella. The core of their arrangements is always traditional folk music - the root where they came from, their most stable and permanent characteristic. They spice up authentic folk melodies with harmonies and modern sounds, inspired by contemporary surroundings, but always strive for
preserving the pure and authentic strength of the original folk music.

Their repertoire is selected with particular attention to show elements and genres of vocal traditions which are seldom heard on stages (by both Hungarian or foreign audience). The folk songs they use as the main source of their pieces are learned from archive
recordings or directly from peasant singers and musicians – masters with whom the group got to meet and collect from them personally. This personal connection makes Dalinda even more committed to the authentic interpretation.

Their second (and latest) album “Passageways” was released in October 2020. In 2019 Dalinda were selected into the International Portfolio Bands of Hungarian Heritage House, which led them to represent their music and Hungarian traditions all over the world, including; Naadam Grassland Festival for choral music - China and Inner Mongolia (2017), Czech Music Crossroads - Czech Republic (2019) and Sur
Jahan Festival - India (2020). In 2020 the trio was
selected to perform at WOMEX 2020 in Budapest.

In 2021 Dalinda bring their music to Manchester Folk Festival.

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