Ellie Gowers (support for John Bramwell) 21/10/21 @ 7pm - 02 Ritz

Thu 21st October 2021, £27.23
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Ellie Gowers appears as support for John Bramwell & The Full Harmonic Convergence

02 Ritz
Whitworth Street West,
M1 5NQ

0161 714 4140

Ellie Gowers

Ellie Gowers has been making an impression wherever she lands. Her music embeds a fierce energy that echoes the 60’s folk revival scene and she is known to hold pride of place on stage with her strong and lucent vocals. Her songs are built from a childhood love of literature and traditional folk song, but also discuss the more modern narratives of the present day. These
influences fuse together to create a sound that has been deemed unique and incomparable.
In the last two years, Ellie has released the EP From Here on Out and followed that with her latest single Against the Tide which earned her a TEDx talk. These songs have been toured widely, both in headline shows and support slots for critically acclaimed artists.
After the unpredictable circumstances that 2020 brought with it, Ellie found herself making good use of her time, beginning to work on projects she had only ever thought about. Collaborations were done with friends new and old, songs were written, a festival was played, and she was also included in the line up of the Filkin’s Drift Ensemble, covering Arthur McBride.
Ellie's current EP- Parting Breath - was released in March 2021.

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