Pengetős Trio (support for Kathryn Tickell) 22/10/21 @ 7.50pm - HOME

Fri 22nd October 2021, £22
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Pengetős Trio appear as support for Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening

2 Tony Wilson Place,
M15 4FN
0161 200 1500

Pengetős Trio

Three long-lost cousins - the zither, the tambura and the cobza – meet in the music of the Pengetős (Plunking) Trio and they have a lot to discuss. The instruments are related to each other and are each well-known in their own right, however, the Trio’s repertoire is absolutely unique in that it offers a previously unknown consonance of the three. The basis of Trio’s repertoire is authentic folk music, but they do not reject unusual instrumentation or other musical innovations either.
In addition to their exceptional talent and professional skills, their musical creativity rooted in their respect for traditions which allows for the creation of mature, unique sounds, have also played an important role in their success. Poetry, virtuosity, innovation and tradition are all characteristics of Pengetős Trio’s programmes.

The members of the band are all committed to authentic Hungarian folk music. They regularly perform on stage in Hungary and abroad and they also teach music. Alexandra Berta is a Junior Prima Award holding artist, folkmusic education professional at the Hungarian Heritage House; Zalán Csenki is a teacher at Béla Bartók Conservatoire as well as at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest; Bálint Horváth is a student of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest.

The Trio represented Hungary and Hungarian folk music at Euroradio Folk Festival (CZ, 2017), at Festa Ungherese (IT, 2017), at Musik der Völker Festival (A, 2018), Czech Music Crossroads – International Showcase Festival (CZ, 2019) and at Bratislava World Music Festival (SK, 2019)

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