You Are Wolf

 Saturday 20 October, 7pm 

The Ritz

£22 (+ booking fee)


With Billy Bragg

You Are Wolf is the alt-folk project of award-winning composer, performer and writer Kerry Andrew, working with multi-instrumentalist Sam Hall and percussionist Peter Ashwell. 

The group explore new ways into the English folk tradition, with bold arrangements of folklore-inspired songs, and a sound which is influenced by leftfield pop, new classical and electronica.

You Are Wolf have just released a second album - KELD - an old Northern English word meaning the deep, still, smooth part of a river, the album explores the theme of freshwater.  

KELD bring ancient songs and stories into the present. It includes traditional songs about waterfall banshees, killer female water sprites, drowning boys and powerful witches. Original songs are inspired by wild swimming, vengeful rivers, nymphs and naiads, and an Anglo-Saxon charm.


In concert with

Billy Bragg

Image credit: Murdo McLeod


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